The clothes steamer,

The clothes steamer has long been used by professionals in the world of fashion and Haute Couture before displaying items for sale or runway shows with perfectly steamed collections... without wrinkles from packing, transportation or handling.

Its operating principle is simple. Apply steam at a temperature of 98°C directly to the fabric, even the most delicate fabrics, to remove wrinkles and return its natural beauty without any risk of shininess or felting.

No ironing board, no high temperature, no crushing. The work is done vertically, the clothing often being placed on a belt or between runners. A gentle tension is applied to the fabric with the free hand and the steam is applied directly to the fabric. The natural beauty of the fibre is restored with the steam and clothing returns to its original appearance... without any stress to its surface. This simple method is particularly adapted to modern fabrics, often composed of a mix of natural and synthetic fabrics. The synthetic fibres are very sensitive to heat and do not do well with traditional ironing even though they are supposed to be easy to maintain and look nice.

The specialist in garment steamer,

At the beginning of the 1990s, we imported into Europe the first steamers from the USA, to offer fashion professionals another solution than the classic iron used until then, for them to iron and remove packaging and transport wrinkles from items before placing them on the shelves. No more shine and similar burns that damaged fabrics and made goods unsaleable. This appliance, once intended only for professionals, is now a real alternative to ironing in every home, and is particularly suitable for all the modern fabrics and textiles that make up most of our clothes, as well as for sanitising and refreshing upholstery fabrics.

  1. We have experience in working with major international brands
  2. Our short distribution chain guarantees proximity to our customers
  3. Our logistics and after-sales service centres are integrated
  4. Our range of vertical steamers is the most comprehensive
  5. We have the will and the pleasure to satisfy our customers
the steamer in the workshop

We developed our ranges of steamers to meet all needs (low and high pressure steam flow), both for domestic and professional use, all designed using our experience and our perfect knowledge of our customers' expectations. We have already developed our activity across many European countries, and Gecko-Steamer is today a European leader in vertical steaming.

Why should you purchase your steamer from us?

We are a service provider for the clothing industry and more particularly for their sales shops. We equip the largest retailers with our steamers and we provide the services necessary for the proper daily operation of these appliances (guidance on use, maintenance, repair etc.). An unparalleled experience gained throughout more than 25 years, both on users and on the materials to be ironed. No supermarket chain or e-commerce company can say the same.

In 2009, in response to your requests (private customers), we developed our range of steamers for domestic use. We offer a range specifically designed for domestic needs (handling household linen) integrating comfort of use, with or without an ironing board.

When you purchase a Gecko-steamer, you are paying, above all, for professionalism; you are paying the best price for a household appliance that is not only built around a commercial margin; you are buying a steam generator that will reveal to you an easy ironing solution that simplifies the removal of wrinkles, all while respecting the integrity and longevity of your clothes.