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Welcome to our website for the direct sale of clothes steamer.

Salamandres offers a wide exclusive selection of clothes steamer to give you the best of vertical ironing and steam smoothing. You are looking for a clothes steamer for an additional use with your actual ironing equipment, you are looking for a clothes steamer for a definitive replacement of your iron, or you are looking for a clothes steamer for professional use, you will find the best clothes steamer to suit your needs: clothes steamer for domestic use, clothes steamer for professional and intensive use, and the latest generation with high-pressure steam.

Our 3 categories of clothes steamer:

STANDARD Our classic clothes steamers: for home use to remove wrinkles from your delicate, structured, flocked fabrics, etc ... or for use in your clothing store.

HIGH-PRESSURE Our high-pressure clothes steamers: produce steam under pressure. They are the most powerful ones available and offer total versatility.

PROFESSIONAL Our clothing steamers are designed for intensive professional use. Our clothes steamers are only sold in direct sales (guaranteed the best price) with the brand Gecko Steamer

Garantie: To ensure the longevity of your purchase, all our clothing steamers are covered by our manufacturer's warranty for a period of 2 years and we guarantee the repairability of your device for 7 years.

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Salamandres: specialist for clothes steamer, garment steamer, fabrics steamer.

the right choice to remove wrinkles on your delicate clothes
without risk of damaging the fabric

clothes steamer low pressure
Clothes steamer
Steam low pressure

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the most powerful steamers on the market.
the ideal choice to simplify ironing!

Clothes steamer high pressure
Clothes steamer
Steam high pressure

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the ideal tool for clothes outlets.
designed for intensive use

Professional clothes steamer
Clothes steamer
Professional and intensive use

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