The solution for easy ironing

Ironing is a real pain. Although technology has allowed us to simplify washing clothes and dishes with household appliances, ironing is still behind in terms of technological advances.

This is now ancient history and easy ironing is no longer a myth. Steamers have long been used by professionals (ready-to-wear, dry cleaners, upholstery, hotels...). With the Salamandres e-store, they are now accessible to individuals for reasonable prices. You can easily iron your entire closet. With the gentle steam these devices produce, your clothes and fabrics are never damaged. Unlike irons, steamers do not damage your fabrics and clothes, whether they are synthetic or natural fibres.

Steam brushes are easy to use. You can easily used them on your outfits, clothing and upholstery. Wrinkles in your clothing will rapidly disappear.

To efficiently use your steam brush on your clothes, it is important to follow the instructions for care for your clothing (wash temperature and drying method).


Fast and easy ironing

Do you regularly struggle with your iron to get wrinkles out of your shirts? Image the time and energy you'll save with a steamer: simply put the shirt on the belt, move the steam dispenser over the article of clothing and, voilà, the wrinkles disappear and your shirt is ready to wear.

In addition to making ironing easier, the steamer offers other benefits compared to traditional ironing:

- no risk of burning yourself

- the steam does not hurt the fabric

- the steam dispenser is very light

Discover our solutions to easily iron your clothes:

Clothes steamer Gk03

Clothes steamer Gk07

Steamer high pressure G400

Steamer high pressure G70

Professional steamer GK20A

Professional steamer GK20B

 Steamers are very useful and let you:

- eliminate dust mites that cannot survive under high temperatures

- easily freshen up your clothes and eliminate bad smells

- give new life to your carpets: the steamer removes depressions created by the weight of your furniture

Are you looking for a solution to make ironing easier and are you planning to invest in the latest in steam system technology? Discover the steamer, its many benefits and its reasonable prices.


The Steamer: a True Vertical Steam System

It wasn't that long ago that these systems were for professionals, particularly those offering ready-to-wear who use steamers to guarantee the perfect condition of clothing coming out of boxes and quickly put on display.

Today, Salamandres offers a complete line of steamers for individuals. We're sure that our steam system will soon be in your closet! The Salamandres steamers are very easy to use and make ironing easy for results that are always perfect.


A vertical iron without restraints

Less cumbersome and with fewer restrictions than a steam system, the steamer only uses the benefits of steam and avoids the risk of burns or buffing.


Discover our solutions to replace your system or iron:

Gecko Steamer G400