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The steamer:


The steam brush or vertical clothes steamer is an appliance for removing wrinkles from fabrics and very often from garments. In addition, the clothes steamer appliance is sometimes used for cleaning and deodorising textile materials.


The mode of operation of the steam brush is relatively simple: it diffuses steam through the fabric without causing overheating of the material or crushing, unlike irons.


The use of clothes steamer, also called garment steamer or steamer, is found primarily in professional activities related to the creation and sale of garments. The steamer is used here to remove the folds due to handling, fittings, packaging and transport. Within the framework of these activities, the ideal professional steamer is one that works at a low pressure with steam output around 30-40 gr/min at a temperature of about 100 °C. It should be noted that new textiles are most often treated with anti-static products that prevent the agglomeration of fibres or residue from tailoring on the garments produced. While these products facilitate the smoothing, one must avoid the use of a conventional steam press that marks the fabric with the pattern of a too hot ironing pad that burns off the surface treatment.  This product disappears during washing and the risk is removed. With the appearance of our "High Pressure" model for household use, professional demand for this type of steamer has led us to develop a specific tool for professional use.Gecko Steamer G700


The widespread use of steamers in shops selling ready-to-wear clothes has not escaped the notice of customers visiting such outlets. Today, the use of clothes steamer is also extending to households and has become an alternative solution for ironing : no ironing board, ease of use, speed of work, small footprint, etc..…. However, it is important to choose the right steamer, based on its planned use in the house During domestic use, the textiles are used, washed, dried, folded, etc. The wrinkles are therefore more pronounced and in greater number.


There are three types of clothes steamers suitable for domestic use:


- handheld or travel steamer : Compact and lightweight, low autonomy, it is ideal for small daily steam brushing or to carry while travelling for removing the wrinkles due to packing the clothes in suitcases.


- the conventional or "low pressure" steamer : directly derived from the professional model, this steamer can find only limited use in a domestic context. In fact, the low pressure steamer is used for smoothing the folds of textiles or clothing that are not suited for traditional ironing: wool, silk, satin, fleece, synthetic, curtains, velvet, etc. The steamer will then be a complementary product to the steam press or iron, because it is not powerful enough to handle thick materials like cotton.


- high pressure steamer : This vertical steamer is a new generation appliance that produces steam under pressure, like a steam press : 3.5 bars or 350KPa (for information: classic steam brush = 1 bar or 100KPa). Because of this, it expels steam much more powerfully and this steam is then able to penetrate the thickest materials. This steamer is equipped with an ergonomic, lightweight iron, specially designed for vertical use. This iron has a special feature, unlike the classic clothes steamer, it is heated, and its temperature is adjustable. The high pressure clothes steamer is designed to offer a modern solution adapted to the latest textiles. It is an alternative to conventional ironing.