Information on the main features of the steamer:


The power

 expressed in "Watts " means the amount of energy the device uses, not its efficiency.

The power varies based on the size of the boiler, the steam production method (different if high or low pressure) and the amount of water to heat for the steamer "tank."

This power then determines the heating time.  It can impact the efficiency of the steamer. 

The trend is to reduce electrical usage as much as possible for the following reasons: saving energy and the capacity of the electrical network to support several devices at the same time (in a storage, for example).




The steam flow

 expressed in " gr/min ", means the amount of steam emitted by the device (one gram of water consumed per minute).

The steam is the " active " element in the steamer.

The higher the steam flow, the better the steamer efficiency.



expressed in "KPa " (kiloPascal) or  "Bar "

1 Bar = 100 KiloPascal.

Low pressure: 100 Kpa = 1 Bar

High pressure: 350 KPa= 3,5 Bars (equivalent to a classic steam system)

The pressure indicates the outgoing steam power when it leaves the diffuser (the part that comes in contact with the fabric).

The stronger the pressure, the more steam can penetrate heavier fabrics.