Clothes steamer low pressure and garment steamer high pressure

The conventional clothes steamer

the conventional or "low pressure" clothes steamer : directly derived from the professional model, this steamer can find only limited use in a domestic context. In fact, the low pressure steamer is used for smoothing the folds of textiles or clothing that are not suited for traditional ironing: wool, silk, satin, fleece, synthetic, curtains, velvet, etc. The steamer will then be a complementary product to the steam press or iron, because it is not powerful enough to handle thick materials like cotton.

High pressure clothes steamer

high pressure steamer : This vertical steamer is a new generation appliance that produces steam under pressure, like a steam press : 4 bars or 400KPa (for information: classic steam brush = 1 bar or 100KPa). Because of this, it expels steam much more powerfully and this steam is then able to penetrate the thickest materials. This steamer is equipped with an ergonomic, lightweight iron, specially designed for vertical use. This iron has a special feature, unlike the classic clothes steamer, it is heated, and its temperature is adjustable. The high pressure clothes steamer is designed to offer a modern solution adapted to the latest textiles. It is an alternative to conventional ironing.

What are you looking or?

Professionals : The products to steam are new collections, often coming from production. These products require a light steam to remove any creases due to packaging and transportation before being put on display in stores. In general, the  materials are processed at the factory with static guard and are easy to steam.

A professional line steamer is best. The investment will then depend on how often the machine is used and the type of material to steam. The Salamandres line steamers (GK03, GK20) meets most needs. 

Individuals :

1) If you are a looking for a steamer to supplement your ironing needs to give your most delicate fabrics an impeccable look like wool, silk, satin, lace, embroidery, pleats, etc... you should select a steamer from the: low pressure steamer line (same solution for professionals) : GK05 or GK07.

2) If you are looking for a more multi-use solution that can revitalize your steam system you should select from the: high pressure steamer line :Gecko Steamer G400