How maintain your clothes steamer?

High and low pressure Salamandres line devices are designed to operate with tap water. However, the presence of calcium and its risk of accumulation require some use and maintenance precautions.

Here is some advice to follow to maintain the proper operation of your steamer.

. If your water is calcium-rich, you can cut it with distilled water.

. To avoid any calcium accumulation that obstructs certain channels, we recommend rinsing your boiler with fresh water after every 10 uses (check your steamer's users manual).

. In case of significant calcification, fill your steamer's tank, mix in regular white vinegar (1 25-cl glass) and fresh water (1 litre). Turn on the heat, let it steam for 30-45 seconds, turn off the device and let it sit for 1-1.5 hours. Then empty it and rinse the boiler and tank.

Note: after this type of de-calcification, use a rag to make sure that there is no vinegar residue, which could easily damage clothing.

The use of sulfamic acid or citric acid (de-calcification products sold for electronic coffee pots and other steam devices) can be replaced with white vinegar. Avoid using any other de-calcification product that could be too aggressive and alter the proper operation of your device.

Clear traces of calcium on the machine or on the iron can be removed by using a rag dipped in vinegar and water.

. Use a calcium treatment decanter: Iron Care by Philips strongly reduces the amount of calcium contained in the water and ensures easy maintenance and maintains the life of your device.