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How do you use a vertical steamer?

A steam brush if very easy to use. Once the water tank is filled, just put pressure on the device. The steam appears after about one minute of heating. Then place the steam brush on the fabric to steam, hold the fabric gently with your free hand and slide the head of the steamer from bottom to top and left to right.


Is it hard to use a steamer?

It's very easy to use a steamer. The steamer is especially designed for ease of use. It is ergonomic and light.


How do you select a vertical steamer?

To pick the right vertical steamer, view the solutions offered at our website The steam brushes have specific features based on their intended use. The professional steamers are not the most efficient for household use and vice versa.For household use, we like the high pressure model Gecko-Steamer G600EL, which is the most powerful, multi-use steamer. For professional use, the daily amount of use will be a criterion to consider.


How does a vertical steamer work?

A vertical steamer produces steam with an electric heater that is generally made from aluminium (high thermal return), through which water passes. This steam is either not put under pressure and is diffused by a stainless steel plate head or an aluminium one that comes in contact with the fabric. The flat surface becomes hot when it comes in contact with the steam and acts as an iron. The steam and the heat of the iron that comes in contact with the fabrics removes wrinkles.


How do you best use a vertical steamer?

To best use a vertical steamer, it's important to wait for the device to heat up. When the steam becomes constant, we recommend gently shaking the head of the diffuser to remove any water droplets to avoid a thermal shock with the metal surface. Then allow the diffuser directly to the fabric moving from bottom to top, holding the fabric with your free hand.


How do you steam clothes?

Place the clothing to steam on the belt or on the steamer belt. For a shirt, button the first button. For trousers, make sure they are fastened.Your clothing must stay in place during steaming so hold it in place with your free hand.Once the steam begins to be diffused, apply it directly to the clothing and slide it over the fabric to remove wrinkles.


How do you straighten the fibres of a carpet?

To straighten the fibres of a rug or carpet, apply the steamer's brush directly to the fabric. In most cases, the steamer will naturally straighten the fibres. You can also use a soft bristle brush to steam stubborn fibres.


Do you need to use a special kind of water?

In most cases, running water or tap water can be used. For lower pressure steamers, periodic rinsing based on the water hardness (calcium rate) can be done to eliminate residual calcium and guarantee the longevity of the device.For high pressure steamers, distilled water should be used if the tap water available has a high level of calcium.


Do you need to do anything special before its first use?

You do not need to do anything special before its first use. Make sure the machine is in good condition, the steam diffuser is in place and the bottom of your steam brush is stable.


Do you need to take any precautions before its first use?

The steamer can cause burns. Make sure to read the directions provided with the steamer to protect yourself against any risks.


Is it normal for water droplets to form on the head of the steamer?

When the device reaches temperature, water droplets may form on the steam diffuser. These droplets are the result of thermal shock between steam at nearly 100°C and the metal plat for the diffuser, which is still at room temperature. These droplets will disappear after several seconds of heating. Gently shake the head of your steamer's diffuser to make sure these droplets have disappeared.


Does the steam have to be applied directly to the fabric?

For optimal efficiency, your steamer's steam diffuser should be applied directly to the fabric. There is no risk of burning or making your fabrics shiny.


What are the safety precautions to respect?

The steam diffused is 100°C and can cause burns. Never point the steam jet at someone, an animal or yourself. Never steam clothing you or someone else is wearing.Never leave your device on without supervision.All safety information is provided in the user manual for your steamer. Take your time to read it to avoid risks.


What do you do in case of malfunction?

In case of malfunction, refer to your user manual for your steamer. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, contact us:


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