The clothes steamer’s specialist

offers a different way to discover the many models of its range of vertical steamers. By making some short presentation videos posted on the Youtube site, you have access to our catalog in a different and fun way. Feel free to leave us your comments to share your feelings.

Clothes steamer for home use

In the category clothes steamer for home use, we wanted to put forward a compact but powerful model, marketed under the reference xgas-01, small but do not be fooled, its effectiveness is well established!

Profits of this visit in our domestic range to present some models of low-pressure steamers which position themselves as complementary solutions to your steam generator: our first model gk03b is directly derived from the professional model gk03, small but powerful, complete accessories for vertical steaming.

The second product we like to introduce you and our steamer gk05, also directly derived from the steamer ms03 for shop, its trendy look and powerful 1800 watt boiler are perfectly suited for use at home.

And finally, for us the best steamer in addition to ironing at the steam generator, the 2000 watt garment steamer marketed under the reference gk07, which must be your first choice if you want a cheap but powerful device!

The most powerful steam for clothes steamer

To end our visit in the range of steamer for the house, we offer the model that is placed as a global replacement of your classical steam ironing. We have developed a range of high pressure steamers to provide more powerful and efficient steam, especially on difficult fabrics. The vertical steamer which is today the most powerful steamer on the market is undoubtedly the SP06 model that I invite you to discover more on video.

Clothes steamer for professional and intensive use

Let's talk now about our range of professional clothes steamer and that, always through a few short films of quick presentation. We have already mentioned 2 machines to unwind your collections in ready-to-wear stores, the gk03 and the ms03. These 2 models have very attractive prices.

To invest in a more durable, more robust material, which adapts perfectly to an intensive use, you will dwell on the gk20a clothes steamer, which can also equip a network by its ease of use and maintenance and you will look with interest the characteristics of the model gecko-steamer gk20c, which is undoubtedly the most complete device.