About ourselves ...

Gecko-Steamer is the international brand name for the clothes steamers sell by Salamandres company

Since 1994, Salamandres markets a range of steam brushes to professionals from the world of Fashion.

SALAMANDRES is now considered the leading specialist of steam brushes in the French market. Because of its growing reputation, all major brands of ready-to-wear garments in Europe use the services of our company.

During its early years, SALAMANDRES presented its appliances only at fashion industry events such as Salon du Prêt-à-porter and Salon PARIS BRIDAL FAIR (marriages tradeshow) where steam brushes were also available for rental, allowing the exhibitors to present in their collections in the best light. An experience that allowed professionals to discover an appliance that has now become indispensable for many of them!

 The site

Individuals and professionals alike can now buy directly online from our site www.salamanders-steamers.co.uk the products from our advanced range of steam brushes.

We have built a simple and effective website that offers our range of steam brushes in addition to useful information to help you discover an appliance that exists since the last 60 years in the United States and is now available for daily use at home.

Our site, across its pages, is not only a comprehensive source of information, it is also your fully secure e-commerce tool.

Our customers

With thousands of units in circulation, our customers are top brands in the world of fashion and retail trade, who trust us daily to equip their shops and stores, in addition to a large number of upholsterers, costume designers, town halls, museums, theatres , photographers, hotels, restaurants, movie studios...


Our products

Each of our products is designed with a special focus on efficiency, reliability and durability.

To satisfy an enthusiastic demand from individuals, Salamandres offers since 2007 a range of steam brushes specially adapted for domestic use, at attractive prices.

We provide you with demo videos to help you discover our appliances and all their possible uses, with examples of the best methods to remove wrinkles.

An easy alternative to ironing, we are certain that steam brushing or vertical brushing is the best way to restore a garment made of any fabric whatsoever, to its original appearance!


Our services

Our very special care to provide the best service to our customers obliges us to provide high quality appliances, efficient and reliable.

We are at your disposal to study your needs and to suggest the best solutions suited to your requirements.

We are making all efforts to keep our distribution chain as short as possible so as to bring you the best value for money, therefore, do not be surprised if you do not find our products in supermarkets!

We also provide an efficient and very fast after sales service of our appliances directly to our customers.