Clothes steamer G400EL


2200 W

50 g/min

on demand

4 bar


October 25th 2019

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Clothes steamer G400EL

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Clothes steamer G400EL


A traditional steamer is not powerful enough to smooth all the fabrics used in everyday life. Gecko-Steamer has specially designed the G400EL with more steam power and more steam output. You will use it for all your most delicate fabrics and thicker (jeans, coats, etc ...).

Working pressure of 4 bar guarantees efficiency on thicker materials by penetrating steam in the heart of the fabric.

The ultralight ergonomic iron of the steamer is equipped with a command unit controlling the output of the pressurized steam and a heated soleplate with adjustable temperature.

The pressure tank maintains a volume of steam available continuously.

The Gecko Steamer G400EL is equipped with an ironing board to give you a 2 in 1 unit.

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Specifications and equipments :

  • Power rating : 2200 W
  • Pressure tank : stainless steel
  • Temperature regulation: automatic
  • Security overheating: included
  • Steam Pressure: 4 bar
  • Steam flow max: 50 g/min
  • Adjustable steam power
  • Steam temperature: 98°C
  • Available steam in 3 minutes
  • Using tap water (without limescale) or demineralized water
  • Water tank: 1L
  • Diffuser with stainless soleplate
  • Temperature adjustable iron 100 - 130°C
  • Ultra-resistant soleplate with teflon coating
  • integrated adjustable hanger
  • Hanger with Tensioners for skirt and trousers
  • Telescopic pole hanger in aluminium
  • Ironing board
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Chassis grey & white ABS
  • Power cable: 2M

Steam diffuser and its support

The steam diffuser is equipped with a steam outlet control, a thermostat to adjust the temperature of its heating sole and a Teflon coating that ensures easy sliding and shock resistance.

the steam diffuser in detail and its support



The hanger is equipped with a shoulder width adjustment to fit the size of your clothes, and clips to attach your skirts or pants.

A soft bristle brush that fits on your diffuser to dust or straighten the fibers of some fabrics.

A funnel and a measuring cup for easy filling of the heating tank.

£UK 169.90
tax incl.

£UK 139.90

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