Clothes steamer GK20A


2200 W

55 g/min.

1 bar

2 years

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Clothes steamer GK20A


With a robust design, the clothes steamer GK20A is the ideal tool for clothes outlets.

Designed for intensive use, GK20A is equipped with a powerful boiler that provides steam in less than 1 minute.

Gecko-Steamer GK20A is equipped with a steam diffuser stainless steel soleplate: heated by steam and direct contact with the material, the increase in temperature facilitates smoothing, prevents condensation, and eliminates the risk of drops of water. It is equipped with a retractable hanger, pliers and pants tensioners. Its telescopic mast limits the size of the clothes steamer and allows you to store it easily.

The boiler is designed to operate with tap water. Just a simple rinse with clear water to remove limescale deposits and ensure the longevity of a perfect operating of your steamer.

Specifications and equipments :


  • Power rating : 2200 W
  • Aluminium boiler
  • Temperature regulation: automatic
  • Security overheating: included
  • Steam flow : 55 g/min.
  • Steam pressure : 1 bar
  • Steam temperature : 100°C
  • Heats up and ready to use in just 1 minute
  • Intensive use
  • The steamer uses tap water
  • Removable water tank: 3L
  • Professional stainless diffuser
  • Ultra Lightweight ergonomic handle
  • Brush attachments
  • Telescopic pole hanger in aluminium
  • Tensioners for skirt and trousers
  • Ultra Resistant moulded ABS Chassis
  • 4 wheels
  • Power cable: 5 meters

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£UK 124.90